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In addition to rack shelves, the PROMNASTIL Ltd. is a manufacturer of press locked bar gratings for mezzanine racks or racking systems. According to the customer’s needs, we’ll calculate the size of a cell that would be sufficient for hydraulic pallet jacks (pump trucks) movement on the mezzanine rack flooring.

The most popular cell dimensions: 33х11 mm, 33х22 mm, 44х11 mm, 44х22 mm, and 33х33 mm.
Minimum service life of the hot dip galvanized press locked bar grating for mezzanine racks is 20 years.
Grating-based stair treads are another PROMNASTIL product used in mezzanine racking systems. The stair treads can be custom manufactured, according to the mezzanine project.
We produce the entire range of fasteners and fittings for the bar grating attachment to mezzanine racks.
Please send your enquires to or call: +7(495)7226631.


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