On this page you will find links to calculators that will help you make flooring calculation the selected parameters. example: calculation of steel sheeting on the load-bearing capacity - "load". Drives a source data Clearance (Distance) between supports, select the step bearing bars (the distance between the bearing strips), step binding strips (the distance between the bonding strips), carrier strip thickness, the height of the carrier strip, You choose the option to calculate - "Load", press the button "Read" and the program will automatically calculate the flooring on the set parameters.

For the calculation of the deck on the other parameters - select the appropriate option, make available the raw data, and then click "Read".

Distributed load:

Concentrated load:


Flooring (steel, lattice, pressed) used at metallurgical enterprises, chemical, shipbuilding, Oil and Gas, automotive industry, on industrial plants in mechanical engineering, power, when developing deposits minerals in the arrangement and construction ...

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