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Noise barriers are designed for the construction of noise barriers along highways and railways to reduce the noise level from passing vehicles.
Racks are made of I-beam and channel. The posts are attached to the base through a special flange with holes for anchor rods.
Anti-corrosion coating of racks - hot-dip galvanized in accordance with GOST 9.307-89. Possibility of painting with special paintwork materials or polymer-powder paint.
Racks are manufactured in accordance with the project documentation, GUEST 23118-2012, SP 53.101.98.
To order racks, send a request by mail, indicated on the website. You can get more detailed information, by calling or write a question in the chat.

You can get detailed information and buy a stand for a noise protection screen by calling the phones or filling out the feedback form and we will call you back.


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