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LLC "Promnastil" performs design, production, supply and installation of metal stairs (including – evacuation and emergency exits), as well as the grounds and fence them.

Metal ladders permanently installed inside and outside the dwelling, industrial, Public buildings and facilities, fire departments are used to evacuate people, ascent to the roof and attic of personnel and fire-technical arms, as well as on the roof of buildings fence to ensure the safety of the operations.

Ladder vertical P1, P1-1, P1-2 - ladder fire (evacuation), structurally composed of two parallel vertical withs, transverse support rigidly connected stages.

Ladder march P2 - ladder fire (evacuation), structurally consisting of rigidly interconnected flights and sites.

Decking areas and stages staircases are manufactured by type:

F - solid from corrugated steel;

P - stripes on edge and round steel (welded grating)

B - from expanded metal steel (expanded metal).

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Flooring (steel, lattice, pressed) used at metallurgical enterprises, chemical, shipbuilding, Oil and Gas, automotive industry, on industrial plants in mechanical engineering, power, when developing deposits minerals in the arrangement and construction ...

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