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Welded grating SP represents a design, carriers consisting of steel strips of different sizes and specially prepared coupling (cross) bars, connected at their intersections by contact welding. bearing strips, arranged in one direction in parallel to each other at a predetermined pitch, perceived workload and determine the length of the deck. Bonding rods together combined bearing strip.

Production weld flooring made in accordance with the requirements of TU 5262-001-12139743-2013, FROM 24537, RAL-GZ 638–2005. Other specifications may be found in projects and applications from buyers, STO and other regulatory documents. All of them are developed on the basis of German GOSTs and RAL-GZ 638–2005.

Always available raw materials for the production of welded gratings of the following sizes:

  • Welded flooring SP 34x38 / 30x2 Zn
  • Welded flooring SP 34x38 / 30x3 Zn
  • Welded flooring SP 34x38 / 30x2 Zn S4
  • Welded flooring SP 34x38 / 30x3 Zn S4
  • Welded flooring SP 34x38/30x3 Zn S5
  • Welded flooring SP 34x38 / 25x2 Zn
  • Welded flooring SP 34x38 / 40x2 Zn
  • Welded flooring SP 34x38 / 40x3 Zn

    Production time for the specified sizes 10-15 working days.

    We will produce other standard sizes in 20-25 working days.



Flooring (steel, lattice, pressed) used at metallurgical enterprises, chemical, shipbuilding, Oil and Gas, automotive industry, on industrial plants in mechanical engineering, power, when developing deposits minerals in the arrangement and construction ...

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