Flooring is used in the metallurgical, chemical, shipbuilding, Oil and Gas, automotive industry, on industrial engineering installations, power, the development of mineral deposits in the regeneration and construction:

  • construction of industrial platforms or racks;
  • load-bearing flooring or fencing;
  • navigating bridges;
  • service platforms;
  • and various staircases: safety, spiral, indoor;
  • warehouse, racking stairs;
  • transport warehouse terminals;
  • railway terminals;
  • bridge, walkway staircases;
  • staircases for garage service platforms;
  • fire escape stairs;
  • dirt-guard systems;
  • staircases used in steel structures of various application, etc..

So far, the bar grating is an effective substitute for a number of industrial flooring. An optimum combination of cost/quality/appearance factors makes the bar grating popular and widely used. The industrial use of bar grating results in the overall reduction of construction and operational costs.

Bar grating products ensure:

  • High load-bearing capacity together with an optimum light weight at an equal ultimate load (e. g., compare that of solid metal deck or expanded metal sheets);
  • easy and fast installation / removal of structures without welding, using the mounting tools only;
  • good ventilation and light conductivity (e. g., bar grating used in multi-level warehouse premises allow the free movement of loading equipment. Moreover, the owner can save money on additional air conditioning or lighting);
  • reliable and safe walking and storage of goods in technically dangerous or open areas (during rain or snow);
  • state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques are used in production;
  • the gratings can be customized as it regards shapes and sizes.


Flooring (steel, lattice, pressed) used at metallurgical enterprises, chemical, shipbuilding, Oil and Gas, automotive industry, on industrial plants in mechanical engineering, power, when developing deposits minerals in the arrangement and construction ...

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