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Pressed grating P represents the structure, consisting of a specially prepared supporting steel bands, conical or other shaped grooves, and connecting strips, connectable cross. The manufacturing process is based on the method of cold-pressing in a high pressure tightness (to 1650 kN separate strip) the binder in the carrier strip. bearing strips, arranged in one direction in parallel to each other at a predetermined pitch, perceived workload and determine the length of the deck. Binders bearing strips are combined with each other bands.

Manufacture of extruded plank in accordance with the requirements of TU 5262-001-12139743-2013, FROM 24537, RAL-GZ 638-2005.

Flooring with anti-slip

At industrial facilities, in particular the oil and gas industry and petrochemical industries, in places, where leakage of fuels and lubricants is possible, a flooring with anti-skid teeth is used in order to prevent personnel injuries. The flooring scheme is shown in the photo.

In applications and projects, the following designations of anti-skid teeth may occur: SR, SR40, SR41, SR42, serrated.

The most consumed flooring size is a cell 33x33, stripe 30x3, 30x2, strip 30x3 with tooth S1 of the following marking: Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x3/1000x1000/Zn S1 (SR41). Pressed flooring is manufactured on an automated line directly to size, therefore, the production time for pressed flooring is from 15 working days depending on the complexity of the project and the number of items in the order specification.

We offer the following sizes of pressed flooring (warehouse program):

  • Pressed flooring P 33x11/30x2/500x1000/Zn
  • Pressed flooring P 33x11/30x2/1000x1000/Zn
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x2/1200x1000/Zn
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x2/1000x1200/Zn
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x3/500x1000/Zn
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x3/1000x1000/Zn
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x3/1200x1000/Zn
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x3/1000x1200/Zn
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x3/500x1000/Zn S1 (SR41)
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x3/1000x1000/Zn S1 (SR41)
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x3/1200x1000/Zn S1 (SR41)
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x2/500x1000/Zn S1 (SR41)
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x2/1000x1000/Zn S1 (SR41)
  • Pressed flooring P 33x33/30x2/1200x1000/Zn S1 (SR41)

Pressed flooring with anti-skid / without anti-skid is also made to size according to the customer's specifications.

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Flooring (steel, lattice, pressed) used at metallurgical enterprises, chemical, shipbuilding, Oil and Gas, automotive industry, on industrial plants in mechanical engineering, power, when developing deposits minerals in the arrangement and construction ...

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